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    I want to thank-you for the great service you give us.  Your special deal of buy 2 Cases and get a third free is great.  Our maids use Citra Clean every day and they say it is the best they have ever used for cleaning our Motor Inn rooms.  They use it on all surfaces.  The laundry room also uses the citra clean to get stains out of the linen, counters and floors. 
    Once again thanks so much. ~Flo,  Western 66 Motor Inn

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    1 bottle Citra Clean Concentrate (Free Spray Bottle) $100+Shipping (Canadian funds)

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    2 bottles Citra Clean Concentrate (Free bottle Citra Clean Concentrate + Free Spray Bottle)

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    1 case (x4 bottles) Citra Clean Concentrate (4 Free Spray Bottles)

    $250+Shipping (Canadian Funds)

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    2 Cases (x4 bottles) Citra Clean Concentrate (1 Case [x4 bottles] Citra Clean Concentrate + 4 Free Spray Bottles)

    $500+Shipping (Canadian Funds)

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    We are selling our home in Hamilton, Ontario and over Christmas my husband and I were doing some necessary painting. My husband was shaking up a half gallon of latex paint when the lid came off; The grey paint went all over our rug. We grabbed some old towels and our Citra Clean and started blotting away like crazy. It took about a half hour of steady work, but you wouldn't even know that we had a spill on the rug. I am so impressed with this product. Thanks to Citra Clean we didn't have to replace our rug. ~ Kathy, Hamilton, Ont.


    Download the Citra Clean Material Safety Data Sheet and Canada Food Inspection Report here;
     MSDS Canada ENG | MSDS Canada French | MSDS US | CFI Report