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    Welcome to the home of Citra Clean.

    An all natural, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly, cleaner, degreaser.   

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    I have some flooring in my store that is rough hewn planks from the previous business, and they are hard to keep clean in a dog related business. Well what sold me about your product was the demo given to me. First the rep sprayed some on my wooden steps and rubbed it around with his fingers, immediately black started lifting up, and when he wiped it up with a cloth the spot left was like new pine! That wasn't what impressed me, next he sprayed a spot on my window which was all fogged up from the moisture from bathing dogs. He then wiped the area, not only did it not smear, but it stayed fog free for two weeks! I feel safe using a more natural product on my floors where dogs' sensitive feet are and it works extremely well too. I am also a professional detailer, and use it to detail vehicles, it works just as good as all the caustic chemicals that I used to use!!! I absolutely love the stuff! ~ Joanne, Olds, AB.



    Download the Citra Clean Material Safety Data Sheet and Canada Food Inspection Report here;
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