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    CITRA CLEAN works on a d-limonene based lifting agent, which gets into the pores of a material to lift and remove anything which is not permanently bonded.

    If your stain contains permanent dyes such as: hair dye, orange pop, grape juice, Kool-Aid or permanent marker, then CITRA CLEAN may not remove them. In some cases, several applications of a 10:1 dilution, plus elbow grease will break down and remove these types of stains.


    A 20:1 dilution will do for most general cleaning applications. For tougher jobs use a 10:1 dilution and give it more sitting time before wiping.

    Here is a partial list of appropriate applications for Citra Clean. 

    Aircraft / Auto Body Shops / Boats / Bathroom & Shower / Car Interiors / Carbon / Carpet Shampooer / Carpet Stains / De-fogging Glass & Mirrors / Degreaser / Engine Degreaser / Farms & Ranches / Glass Washing / Machines / Gum on Carpets / Jewellery / Laundry / Mildew / Calcium / Hardwater / Ovens / Paint / Oxidization / Overspray / Pressure Washers / R.V.'s / Shop Floors & Walls / Ships / Stainless Steel / Sawmills / Tires & Whitewalls / Upholstery / Vinyl Tops / Windows, Mirrors, Glass / ...and much more.

    For detailed instruction pages click below

    Carpet Cleaning  ::  Laundry Cleaning  ::  Floor Cleaning  ::  Kitchen Cleaning  ::  Bathroom Cleaning  :: Vehicle Cleaning :: Boat / RV Cleaning 


    We at Dragon's Lair Pet Store use your product for most all cleaning purposes at our store. Citra Clean makes cleaning everything from windows to the reptile and fish fish displays a breeze. Thanks to your sales rep to have introduced us to Citra Clean. ~ Dragon's Lair Pet Store, Campbell River, BC


    Download the Citra Clean Material Safety Data Sheet and Canada Food Inspection Report here;
     MSDS Canada ENG | MSDS Canada French | MSDS US | CFI Report